Solicitation of a Prostitute


A lawyer you can trust when your reputation is at stake

An arrest for soliciting a prostitute may be one of the most damaging to your personal and professional relationships. You require the assistance of an attorney you can trust to prevent that arrest from turning into a conviction.

Clifford & Harris, PLLC provides discreet, persistent representation to individuals accused of offering to pay or paying for sex. We have considerable experience in criminal defense law and in protecting the rights of those arrested in prostitution stings, on the street, in establishments and over the Internet.

Several possible defenses are available, including:

  • Simple error — We may demonstrate that you had no intention of engaging in sex or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Evidence lacking  What documentation or recorded evidence proves you agreed to pay for sex? Did some joking around lead undercover agents to think that you were serious? Did money change hands? When evidence is insufficient, your chances of prevailing increase.
  • Entrapment — If you were an innocent person lured by undercover agents into a conversation, you may have a viable defense.

Our clients include college students, laborers, business owners and professionals. We also provide vigorous representation to those accused of prostitution.

Penalties for solicitation

An arrest or conviction for solicitation can be a serious threat to your family and your employment.

Solicitation falls under the same North Carolina statute as prostitution. Conviction for solicitation is a misdemeanor. A single solicitation charge within one year is a second-degree Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by probation. If you are convicted of two or more violations within one year, it is a first-degree Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by jail time of one to three years.

Do not try to fight a solicitation charge on your own. The risk of failure is too great. Our highly competent criminal defense attorneys can protect your rights and help you through this difficult time.

Count on our Greensboro attorneys’ discretion in solicitation cases

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