Domestic Violence


Ensuring you get a fair shake in North Carolina courts

An arrest for domestic violence or violation of a protection order in North Carolina has serious consequences for you and for your relationship with the alleged victim. Police no longer break up a domestic fight and send the parties their separate ways. Invariably, the perceived aggressor goes to jail and charges are filed.

Domestic battery cases can be complicated, simply because of the nature of relationships. Clifford & Harris, PLLC sorts through the allegations in order to produce an accurate picture of the facts.

Our criminal defense attorneys are skilled at defending assault and weapons charges related to spousal abuse and domestic assault, as well as defending against protection orders and charges for violating such orders.

Protection orders in Greensboro

Domestic violence can be alleged by a spouse, former spouse, current or former significant other or a child. The first line of defense for an abuse victim is to obtain a protection order. A protection order typically prohibits you from contacting, threatening, abusing, following, harassing or interfering with the alleged victim. The court also may order you to surrender all of your weapons.

Violation of a protective order is a Class A1 misdemeanor. If you commit a felony at the same time as the violation — for example if you use a weapon during a domestic assault — you face an enhanced felony charge. Your third violation of a protective order is a Class H felony.

Defending domestic assault charges

Protection orders are independent of any criminal charges relating to a domestic event. The most common charge filed in a domestic abuse case is assault. A conviction for domestic assault may result in sanctions against your professional license, reduced child visitation rights, lost gun privileges, mandatory counseling sessions, costly fines and court costs and considerable jail time.

Each attorney at our law firm thoroughly investigates every aspect of domestic abuse allegations to ensure your rights are protected. As former assistant district attorneys and long-time private defense attorneys, we have accrued many years of experience that help achieve the best possible result in your domestic matter.

The legal help you need to challenge domestic abuse charges

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