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D.O.J. Announces Clemency Push For Those Serving Unfairly Long Federal Prison Sentences

In the past few days the Obama Administration has announced intentions to increase the availability of clemency to certain federal prisoners serving unfairly long sentences. Today, Deputy Attorney General James Cole announced criteria under which federal prisoners will be considered for early release by the Department of Justice. The criteria are as follows: (1)  They … Read More

Improper Application of the “Career Offender Enhancement” Amounts to a “Fundamental Miscarriage of Justice”

On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, the Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals announced Whiteside v. United States, a very important decision for people incarcerated and sentenced prior to 2011. If someone was sentenced as a “Career Offender” in Federal Court, he may be eligible to have that sentence reduced by the court. In 2011, the … Read More