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North Carolina Expands Ability to Expunge Old Felony Convictions

Don’t let your criminal record deprive you of opportunities. The legislature has expanded your chances to expunge older convictions of “nonviolent” felonies. You can now expunge two or three “nonviolent” felony convictions after 20 years. The 20 year waiting period begins on the date of the most recent conviction or the date of completion of … Read More

N.C. “Second Chance Act” Gets Closer to Passing

UPDATED 6/18/2020 – Final language appears to be much better and there are now some great changes in here. Senate and House have passed the final version and it is heading to the Governor’s desk. Our blog post has been updated to reflect the final language. ———- There have not been many big changes in … Read More

HUGE changes to NC Expunction Laws Give New Hope to Countless Thousands of North Carolinians

Effective December 1, 2017, the North Carolina General Assembly has implemented the broadest and possibly most important changes to existing North Carolina expunction laws to date. Senate Bill 445 passed the North Carolina Senate by a 47-2 vote and the House by a 103-2 vote. This bill contains numerous changes, but there are two MASSIVE … Read More