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New North Carolina Expunction Takes Effect in October

Starting in October 2013, a new expunction became available to citizens of North Carolina in the fight to clean up past mistakes on their criminal record. North Carolina General Statute 15A-145.6 allows certain prostitution convictions to be expunged for nonviolent offenders. Those falling under this statute must have been convicted of a prostitution offense – … Read More

The Effects of Grossly Aggravating Factors on DWI Punishments

North Carolina has special sentencing requirements for Driving While Impaired convictions unique from the sentencing of all other criminal convictions within the state. Perhaps the most unique and potentially the most severe of these DWI sentencing requirements occurs when certain “Grossly Aggravating Factors” are present. These statutorily created factors appear in North Carolina General Statute … Read More

New Law Allowing Attorney Representation at Public University Disciplinary Proceedings

Public University Disciplinary Proceedings In August, the North Carolina legislature passed legislation allowing attorneys to fully represent accused students in certain disciplinary proceedings at public universities in North Carolina. Under new North Carolina General Statute § 116-40.11, enrolled students and official student organizations at public universities in North Carolina are eligible to hire a licensed … Read More

The Expanding Availability of Expunctions in North Carolina

Recent changes in North Carolina expunction law have broadened the scope of expunctions available while simultaneously making expunction law more complicated. Due to the complexity of expunctions, you should hire a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the process. North Carolina now allows expunctions for, among others — 1. Certain dismissed misdemeanor and felony charges … Read More