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North Carolina Expands Ability to Expunge Old Felony Convictions

Don’t let your criminal record deprive you of opportunities. The legislature has expanded your chances to expunge older convictions of “nonviolent” felonies. You can now expunge two or three “nonviolent” felony convictions after 20 years. The 20 year waiting period begins on the date of the most recent conviction or the date of completion of an active sentence, probation, or post-release supervision for the convictions. The new provisions for expunging two or three felony convictions include expungement in multiple counties, if the felony offenses were committed within a 24-month period.

A “nonviolent” offense does not include a Class A through G felony or a Class A1 misdemeanor. There are several other offenses that are not eligible for expunction. To expunge two or three nonviolent felony convictions, you must not have a misdemeanor conviction other than for a traffic offense during the five years before you file the petition for expunction. There are many other eligibility requirements that must be considered. As you can see, determining eligibility for this expunction is complex. We can determine your eligibility and help you file for an expunction. We are a criminal law firm with over 25 years combined experience. We offer affordable rates and payment options. Contact us at (336) 574-2788 or through our website for more information.