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D.O.J. Announces Clemency Push For Those Serving Unfairly Long Federal Prison Sentences

In the past few days the Obama Administration has announced intentions to increase the availability of clemency to certain federal prisoners serving unfairly long sentences. Today, Deputy Attorney General James Cole announced criteria under which federal prisoners will be considered for early release by the Department of Justice.

The criteria are as follows:

(1)  They are serving a federal sentence that would likely be significantly lower if sentenced today because of intervening changes in law or policy;

(2)  They have served at least 10 years of the sentence imposed;

(3)  They are relatively low-level offenders who have no ties to any criminal organizations or gangs;

(4)  They have relatively little criminal history, both as a matter of quality and quantity;

(5)  They exhibit a record of good conduct while incarcerated;

(6)  They do not have a history of violence.

If you or someone you know are currently serving a federal prison sentence and meet the above criteria, you should consider contacting a criminal attorney to assist in filing a clemency application.

Deputy Attorney General Cole’s full remarks are available as follows –

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