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Grand Jurors To Receive Longer Exemption Beginning January 1, 2014

In its most recent legislative term, the North Carolina General Assembly extended the exemption period for grand jurors. Under Session Law 2013-148, individuals who have “served a full term on the grand jury” shall be “exempt from jury service for a period of six years from the date on which they were discharged from their prior service.” These changes will be reflected in North Carolina General Statutes §§ 9-3, 9-7(b), and 15A-622(i).

Prior to this change, grand jurors, like all other jurors, were only granted a two year exemption following their completion of a full grand jury term. This change only applies to grand jurors, regular jurors will continue to receive only a two year exemption.

It should also be noted that these changes and exemptions only apply to jury service in North Carolina State courts; not in United States Federal Courts.

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