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New Law Allowing Attorney Representation at Public University Disciplinary Proceedings

Public University Disciplinary Proceedings

In August, the North Carolina legislature passed legislation allowing attorneys to fully represent accused students in certain disciplinary proceedings at public universities in North Carolina.

Under new North Carolina General Statute § 116-40.11, enrolled students and official student organizations at public universities in North Carolina are eligible to hire a licensed attorney to provide full representation at university hearings for alleged disciplinary or conduct violations occurring on or after August 23, 2013 . However, this new right to hire a private attorney does not extend to alleged “academic dishonesty” violations and only applies to hearings occurring outside of “Student Honor Courts.”

A defense attorney, experienced in negotiations and understanding your lawful rights, may be able to assist you in understanding your options and potentially help obtain a more favorable outcome. If you are a student or represent a student organization and have been accused of violating disciplinary or conduct rules, you should consider hiring a qualified defense attorney to assist you in the process.

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