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Traffic Violations

Vigorous Traffic Violation Defense in Greensboro, NC

Greensboro attorneys help avoid stiff penalties, preserve your right to drive

Receiving a traffic ticket might seem like a real nuisance. Unfortunately, that nuisance can turn into a costly headache if you do not marshal a strong defense. High fines, increased insurance rates and the possibility of suspended driving privileges await those who do not take traffic citations seriously.

Criminal defense attorneys at The Clifford Division of Clifford Clendenin & O'Hale, LLP apply the same diligence to traffic ticket defense as to the more serious crimes we handle. We understand your need to keep your driver's license and pay reasonable fines and insurance rates. We are here to help.

Traffic tickets can have far-reaching implications

Two major interstates — I-40 and I-85 — surround Greensboro and soon, I-73 will be completed through Greensboro. These interstates are often the site of numerous traffic citations for out-of-state drivers. Travelers en route to other states depend on our lawyers to fight tickets on their behalf and to get DMV and court records as clean and as accurate as possible to protect or reinstate the driver's license that is in jeopardy in the home state. We also help college students and their parents, permanent residents of Greensboro and truck drivers with tickets received here. We help avoid consequences such as the following:

  • Insurance rate increases due to accumulated points
  • Time-consuming court hearings
  • Fines and court costs, which seem to be ever-increasing
  • A suspended license

North Carolina posts points against driver's licenses for:


Passing stopped school bus

Aggressive driving

Reckless driving

Hit and run, property damage only

Following too close

Driving on wrong side of road

Illegal passing

Failure to yield right‑of‑way to pedestrian pursuant to G.S. 20‑158(b)(2)b

Failure to yield right‑of‑way to bicycle, motor scooter or motorcycle

Running through stop sign

Speeding in excess of 55 miles per hour

Failing to yield right‑of‑way

Running through red light

No driver's license or license expired more than one year

Failure to stop for siren

Driving through safety zone

No liability insurance

Failure to report accident where such report is required

Speeding in a school zone in excess of the posted school zone speed limit

Failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint or seat belt

All other moving violations

Littering pursuant to G.S. 14‑399 when the littering involves the use of a motor vehicle
























You have options

Some traffic violations require you or your attorney to go to court. You should always have a qualified defense attorney represent you at a hearing. The risks are simply too great.

Charges for felonies, aggressive driving, careless driving, speeding over 80 mph and DWI, among others, require a court appearance. You also must go to court if you plead not guilty to a violation. You should always have a qualified defense attorney represent you at a hearing. The risks are simply too great.

Tickets for lesser offenses can be paid by mail or at the court. These offenses are known as "waivable," meaning you waive your right to appear in court to challenge the ticket. The ticket shows the fine and the applicable court costs. If you do this, the disposition will show guilty if it is a misdemeanor and it will show up as responsible if it is an infraction. These dispositions will affect your insurance and your driving history.

Waiving is permanent. It is only an option, not a requirement, and it may seem very tempting to just get it out of the way. Please consider a free consultation with an attorney at our law firm to discuss the ramifications of your decision, particularly the impact on your driving privileges and insurance rates. We can make a difference.

Greensboro lawyers successfully challenging traffic tickets

Do not let a traffic ticket wreak havoc on your finances or your right to drive. Our experienced attorneys have handled countless traffic tickets in our more than 50 combined years of practice. Let us help.

Contact The Clifford Division at 336-574-2788 or online for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Cases We Handle

We Handle:

  • Criminal cases in North Carolina District Court and Superior Court in Guilford County, including Greensboro and High Point
  • 50B and 50C protection order cases in both North Carolina District Courts in Guilford County, including Greensboro and High Point
  • Federal criminal cases
    • Misdemeanors in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and sometimes Statesville and Durham
    • Felonies in all four cities and on a case-by-case basis in any federal court in the United States
  • Federal civil forfeiture cases, post-conviction work and investigations
    on an individual basis
  • Private prosecutions in state court on a case-by-case basis

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